Your minifigs can "eat local" when you add a farm to your town

to LEGO Farmhouse model detail pageFarmhouse
1360 pcs

Two storey white farmhouse with green trim, on 5" x 10" baseplate, with lean-to workshop and dog kennel at rear.

front of the Farmhouse model

Build this farm house - and don't forget the Classic Red Barn to go with it!

Your farmhouse model

This new wood frame farmhouse model is the perfect addition to a countryside area of your LEGO town or train layout. You can build it with or without the green shutters for the windows, as you desire.

As usual, one of my many minifig friends-and-relations lives here, so we'll ask Farmer Sam to show us around...

Since we're visitors we head for the front door via the front porch, with its planked wood floor and yellow porch swing. I doubt if Sam spends much time in the swing - like most farmers, he's busy from dawn till dusk, pretty much - but Grandma sits there knitting most fine days when she's here visiting.

Inside the front door, on our right is the door to the kitchen, straight ahead are the stairs, and on the left is the living room door. Sam must have had a good crop last year because his wife Joan has been decorating downstairs. The living room has a sage green carpet in the center of the dark stained wood floor, with a black leather sofa and two matching slipper chairs. Pink accents in the bookshelves and lamps complete the look.

Somehow, even though his gun lives on the wall over the living room fireplace, I think Sam spends more of his time when he's indoors in the kitchen. Joan's been hard at work here too - green granite countertops and almond cabinets set off the pine table and new white appliances. The pantry underneath the stairs has been turned into a laundry with a stacked washer and dryer to deal with all those mucky overalls Sam brings home!

Upstairs seems more homely, somehow. In the kids room, the two twin beds have different colored coverlets, and the tallboy (with doors and a hanging rail above, drawers below) stores toys and clothes.

Sam and Joan have an old armoire in their room, a family heirloom, along with the quilt-covered bed. The small bathroom has entrances from both bedrooms, and somehow I think it's next on Joan's list for renovation!

Out back we find a lean-to shed which Sam uses as his workshop, complete with workbench and tool racks. The dog kennel is out here too, with a large white dog half asleep until we come out the door. He's pretty suspicious of us until Sam introduces us formally!

Technical Notes

  • The building separates into three sections - the top level roof, the upper floor of the building, and the ground floor with porch and lean-to.
  • The lean-to roof will be BLACK in the production kits, not dark grey as shown in the photos.
  • The dog is permanently installed in his kennel, and can't be brought out to play.

Build your own Farmhouse

A farm is a great way to create open space on your layout, and opens up opportunities for interesting and funny scenes with animals, machinery and people.

to LEGO Farmhouse model detail pageFarmhouse
1360 pcs

Two storey white farmhouse with green trim, on 5" x 10" baseplate, with lean-to workshop and dog kennel at rear.

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