How to Order

There are two ways to order from Lions Gate Models.

  1. You can use the shopping cart on this site to order the items you'd like. Shopping cart limitations mean that for items which have to be shipped and customers outside the US the calculated shipping is likely to be incorrect, and I will have to add tax to orders from Canadian customers.
  2. You can contact me (using the contact form on the Contact page) and tell me what you want. I'll email you back to let you know how much shipping will cost, and if you're in Canada, how much GST (and PST if you're in BC) will be, and the total.

How to Pay

If you order via the on-site shopping cart it will take you all the way through the cycle to pay by credit card or Paypal.

Using ordering method 2 above, once I've emailed you with the total cost you can then pay me using one of several methods:

  • Credit card via Paypal
  • Paypal balance
  • By mail using an International money order in US$ or CN$.
  • By mail using cash (at your risk) in US$ or CN$. I highly recommend registering any envelope containing more than a small amount of cash.
  • By Western Union money transfer