Party and Event Entertainment

I used to offer LEGO-themed birthday parties in my local area, but no longer do so. However, you may still enjoy these pictures!

  • Working LEGO trains to drive
  • A whole town of LEGO roads and buildings to play with - fire station, police station, houses, shopping mall, farm, marina, ferry terminal, and more...
  • LEGO cars and trucks to build and play with
  • LEGO planes and helicopters to fly, with passengers, cargo and an airport
  • LEGO ships and boats to sail from place to place, including a BC Ferry model with room for 16 cars and trucks!
  • Plenty of minifig people, bricks and pieces to build more models to add to the layout

It's like having LEGOLAND come to visit you, and what's even better - you can play with it instead of just looking! Pictures show examples of LEGO models your party guests can enjoy. Actual models and layout will differ depending on the size and shape of your location, and which models I currently have ready-built.